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about-usMarkham Woodbine Dental is your local dental clinic located in Markham, Ontario. With a team of qualified family dentists, we are proudly assisting the patients with safe and effective oral care treatments in a clean and hygienic facility. No matter, which tooth problem you are suffering from, we promise to ease your pain and comfort with the right dental fillings and treatment.

With years of experience in the industry, we have extensive knowledge in the dentistry field and are passionate about everything we do.

Our Expertise

From invisalign to bridges and crowns, we have successfully handled severe dental complications. We provide emergency dental care services in Markham and surroundings. Your comfort and satisfaction is our priority, and we leave no stone unturned to achieve it.

  • Dental Fillings
  • Crown & Bridge
  • Children Dentistry
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Dentures
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Mouth Guards
  • Invisalign
  • Emergency Dental Care

Our Mission

Every smile deserves to be admired, and this is all we are up to. A healthy mouth is key to healthy digestion and immune system. At Markham Woodbine Dental, our goal is to ensure safe dental procedures performed with the utmost care to minimize the pain and discomfort.

Our Vision

To provide high quality, affordable, and comprehensive dental care to kids and adults in a family friendly and hygienic environment.

Cutting-Edge Dental Tools & Equipment

Most of the patients who visit our clinic are anxious about dental treatments. Using sedation techniques and painless methods, our dentists strive to provide safe dental care. Our compassion and caring attitude towards patients help them feel easy and relaxed.

About Dr. Didi Zhang

dr.didiDr. Zhang is a graduate of the Bachelor of Health Sciences program at McMaster University. She obtained her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Toronto.

Upon obtaining her dental degree, Dr. Zhang decided to further her training by successfully securing a placement for a general practice residency at Sunnybrook Hospital. This is a highly competitive program with a 10% acceptance amongst applicants. At Sunnybrook, she was trained by industry-leading oral surgeons, oral pathologists and anaesthesiologists. The residency involves exposure to a wide range of both complicated procedures, such as advanced oral surgery, dental and orofacial trauma, oral pathology/biopsies, and a wide range of patient cases including complex medically compromised & disabled patients. She is certified in moderate IV sedation by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario.

Dr. Zhang’s journey led her to the Thunder Bay area, where she worked full-time in Longlac, ON, a rural community in Northern Ontario with numerous surrounding Native reserves. As the major dental provider in the area, she provided all aspects of oral care needs for the local community, and worked extensively with pediatric patients, doing multi-tooth/multi-surface fillings, root canals, as well as surgical cases including full-mouth extractions under IV sedation.

Dr. Zhang fulfilled her childhood dream to become a dentist because she personally experienced paralyzing dental anxiety with every dentist visit. She is both familiar with what it feels like, as well as techniques to manage dental anxiety, and is proud of the techniques to successfully treat kids and adults with dental anxiety by delivering an anxiety-free experience. This includes the use of computer-assisted local anaesthesia (freezing).

Dr. Zhang is a proponent of utilizing the latest advanced dental technology and techniques. She has experience in designing and delivering milled CAD/CAM crowns and provides 3D impressions for night guards, sports guards, Invisalign, crowns, and dentures using the advanced CEREC digital scanner.

In her free time, Dr. Zhang enjoys vegetable gardening, fishing and creating delicious baked treats!

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